Class CompositeElementLite

  extended by com.gwtext.client.core.JsObject
      extended by com.gwtext.client.core.BaseElement
          extended by com.gwtext.client.core.CompositeElement
              extended by com.gwtext.client.core.CompositeElementLite
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CompositeElementLite
extends CompositeElement

Flyweight composite class. Reuses the same Ext.Element for element operations.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
CompositeElementLite( jsObj)
Method Summary
 ExtElement item(int index)
          Returns a flyweight Element of the dom element object at the specified index.
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Constructor Detail


public CompositeElementLite( jsObj)
Method Detail


public ExtElement item(int index)
Returns a flyweight Element of the dom element object at the specified index.

index - the element index
the element at index