Package com.gwtext.client.core

Interface Summary
DomQueryFunction Intefrace used / returned by certain DomQuery methods.
EventCallback Event callback interface.
Function Generic callback interface.
Fx Interface that provide basic animation and visual effects support.
UrlLoadCallback Callback interface used in various methods of UpdateManager.

Class Summary
Ajax Global Ajax request class.
AnimationConfig Configuration class for amination settings.
BaseConfig Base abstract configutation class.
BaseElement Represents a base Element in the DOM.
Box This class represents an Element's Box.
CompositeElement Standard composite class that creates an ExtElement for every element in the collection.
CompositeElementLite Flyweight composite class.
Connection The class encapsulates a connection to the page's originating domain, allowing requests to be made either to a configured URL, or to a URL specified at request time.
Connection.Method HTTP request method constants.
ConnectionConfig Connection configuration class.
Direction Direction constants.
DomConfig The Dom object spec.
DomHelper Utility class for working with DOM and/or Templates.
DomQuery Provides high performance selector/xpath processing by compiling queries into reusable functions.
EventManager Registers event handlers that want to receive a normalized EventObject instead of the standard browser event and provides several useful events directly.
EventObject A normalized Event object.
Ext Ext core utilities and functions.
FxConfig Fx configuration options.
JsObject Base class for representing a native Javascript class.
Margins Class that represents the margins of an element.
NameValuePair A generic class used a various places that represents a name / value pair.
Paddings Class that represents the Paddings around an element.
Position Position constants.
Positioning CSS Positioning constants.
PositioningConfig Configuration class that represents an Elements position configuration.
RegExp This class represents a Regular Expression.
Region This class represents an Elements Region.
RegionPosition Position constants.
RequestParam This class represents a HTTP Request.
Side Constants for various sides.
Size This class represents the size of an element.
SortDir Constants for Sort direction.
Template Represents an HTML fragment template.
TextAlign Constants for the CSS property 'text-align.
UpdateManager Provides AJAX-style update for Element object.
UrlLoadConfig UpdateManager configuration class.
UrlParam This calass represents a Request URL parameter.
XTemplate A template class that supports advanced functionality like autofilling arrays, conditional processing with basic comparison operators, sub-templates, basic math function support, special built-in template variables, inline code execution and more.