Class MemoryProxy

  extended by com.gwtext.client.core.JsObject
      extended by
          extended by

public class MemoryProxy
extends DataProxy

An implementation of DataProxy that simply passes the data specified in its constructor to the Reader when its load method is called.


Object[][] states = new Object[][]{ new Object[]{"AL", "Alabama"}, new Object[]{"AK", "Alaska"}, new Object[]{"AZ", "Arizona"}, new Object[]{"AR", "Arkansas"}, new Object[]{"CA", "California"}};

Reader reader = new ArrayReader(new RecordDef( new FieldDef[]{ new StringFieldDef("abbr"), new StringFieldDef("state") }));

Store store = new Store(proxy, reader);

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
MemoryProxy(java.lang.Object[][] data)
          Create s new memory proxy using the passed array data.
Method Summary
protected create( data)
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Constructor Detail


public MemoryProxy(java.lang.Object[][] data)
Create s new memory proxy using the passed array data.

data - the array data
Method Detail


protected create( data)