Interface Summary
Converter Converter that can be used to format the incoming data before processing it by the Reader.
NodeTraversalCallback The node traversal callback itnerface used by several Node methods.
StoreQueryFunction Store query function.
StoreTraversalCallback Store traversal callback.

Class Summary
ArrayReader Data reader class that is setup to consume data from an array data source.
BooleanFieldDef Field that represents boolean data.
DataProxy This class is an abstract base class for implementations which provide retrieval of unformatted data objects.
DateFieldDef Date field class.
FieldDef Base abstract FieldDef class.
FloatFieldDef Field that represents float data.
GroupingStore A specialized store implementation that provides for grouping records by one of the available fields.
HttpProxy An implementation of DataProxy that reads a data object from the specified URL.
IntegerFieldDef Field that represents integer data.
JsonReader Data reader class to create an Array of objects from a JSON response based on mappings in a provided constructor.
JsonStore Small helper class to make creating Stores for JSON data easier.
MemoryProxy An implementation of DataProxy that simply passes the data specified in its constructor to the Reader when its load method is called.
Node A data Node class.
ObjectFieldDef Field that represents String data.
Reader Base abstract reader class.
Record Instances of this class encapsulate both record definition information, and record value information for use in Store objects, or any code which needs to access Records cached in a Store object.
RecordDef A record definition where the fields in the source data of a Reader are declared.
ScriptTagProxy An implementation of DataProxy that reads a data object from a URL which may be in a domain other than the originating domain of the running page.
SimpleStore Convenience class that creates a Store directly using field names and local array data.
Store The Store class encapsulates a client side cache of Record objects which provide input data for widgets such as the GridPanel, or the ComboBox.
StoreMgr Manager class that allows retreival of Stores by ID.
StringFieldDef Field that represents String data.
Tree Represents a tree data structure and bubbles all the events for its nodes.
XmlReader Data reader class to create an Array ofRecord objects from an XML document based on mappings.

Exception Summary
HttpStoreLoadException An HTTP specific StoreLoadException that is raised when using the HttpProxy.
StoreLoadException Exception raised when loading data into a Store.