Class Layer

  extended by com.gwtext.client.core.JsObject
      extended by com.gwtext.client.core.BaseElement
          extended by com.gwtext.client.core.ExtElement
              extended by com.gwtext.client.widgets.Layer
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Layer
extends ExtElement

An extended ExtElement object that supports a shadow and shim, constrain to viewport and automatic maintaining of shadow/shim positions.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Layer( jsObj)
Layer(LayerConfig config)
          Create a new Layer.
Layer(LayerConfig config, existingEl)
          Create a new Layer.
Method Summary
static Layer instance( jsObj)
 void setZIndex(int zindex)
          Sets the z-index of this layer and adjusts any shadow and shim z-indexes.
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Constructor Detail


public Layer(LayerConfig config)
Create a new Layer.

config - the layer config


public Layer(LayerConfig config,
Create a new Layer.

config - the layer config
existingEl - an existing element


public Layer( jsObj)
Method Detail


public static Layer instance( jsObj)


public void setZIndex(int zindex)
Sets the z-index of this layer and adjusts any shadow and shim z-indexes. The layer z-index is automatically incremented by two more than the value passed in so that it always shows above any shadow or shim (the shadow element, if any, will be assigned z-index + 1, and the shim element, if any, will be assigned the unmodified z-index).

zindex - the z index