Interface CheckboxListener

All Superinterfaces:
BoxComponentListener, ComponentListener, FieldListener
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface CheckboxListener
extends FieldListener

Method Summary
 void onCheck(Checkbox field, boolean checked)
          Fires when the checkbox is checked or unchecked.
Methods inherited from interface com.gwtext.client.widgets.form.event.FieldListener
onBlur, onChange, onFocus, onInvalid, onSpecialKey, onValid
Methods inherited from interface com.gwtext.client.widgets.event.BoxComponentListener
onMove, onResize
Methods inherited from interface com.gwtext.client.widgets.event.ComponentListener
doBeforeDestroy, doBeforeHide, doBeforeRender, doBeforeShow, doBeforeStateRestore, doBeforeStateSave, onDestroy, onDisable, onEnable, onHide, onRender, onShow, onStateRestore, onStateSave

Method Detail


void onCheck(Checkbox field,
             boolean checked)
Fires when the checkbox is checked or unchecked.

field - this field
checked - the new checked value