Package com.gwtext.client.widgets.form

Interface Summary
Validator Interface that must be implemented for custom Field validation logic.

Class Summary
Checkbox Single checkbox field.
ComboBox A combobox control with support for autocomplete, remote-loading, paging and many other features.
DateField Provides a date input field with DatePicker dropdown and automatic date validation.
Field Base class for form fields that provides default event handling, sizing, value handling and other functionality.
FieldSet Creates a fieldset container for layout and rendering of fields in a Form.
Form Form widget.
FormPanel FormPanel uses a FormLayout internally, and that is required for fields and labels to work correctly within the FormPanel's layout.
HtmlEditor Provides a lightweight HTML Editor component.
Label A label class for Forms.
MultiFieldPanel This is a helper class that allows you to add multiple fields / widgets to a single row in a Form.
NumberField Numeric text field that provides automatic keystroke filtering and numeric validation.
Radio Single radio field.
TextArea Multiline text field.
TextField Basic text field.
TimeField Basic text field.
TriggerField Provides a convenient wrapper for TextFields that adds a clickable trigger button (looks like a combobox by default).
VType Basic pre-created validation types.

Exception Summary
ValidationException Exception to raise when field validaiton fails.