Package com.gwtext.client.widgets.grid

Interface Summary
CellMetadata Handle to the Grid cell metadata passed to a Grid Column Renderer.
Renderer Inteface for custom Grid column rendering.

Class Summary
AbstractSelectionModel Abstract base class for grid SelectionModels.
CellSelectionModel This class provides the basic implementation for cell selection in a grid.
ColumnConfig The Grid Column configuration.
ColumnModel The column model class for a GridPanel.
EditorGridPanel Class for creating and editable grid.
GridDragData An implementation of DragData that is passed to the drop target when the source is a TreeNode from a Draggable tree.
GridEditor Field Editor for a Grid column.
GridPanel A Grid widget.
GridView A Grid's View class.
PropertyGridPanel A specialized grid implementation intended to mimic the traditional property grid as typically seen in development IDEs.
RowParams RowParams class that is passed to the user when specifying a custom row rendering.
RowSelectionModel A Grid's row based selection model.