Class AnchorLayout

  extended by com.gwtext.client.widgets.layout.ContainerLayout
      extended by com.gwtext.client.widgets.layout.AnchorLayout
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbsoluteLayout, FormLayout

public class AnchorLayout
extends ContainerLayout

This is a layout that enables anchoring of contained elements relative to the container's dimensions. If the container is resized, all anchored items are automatically rerendered according to their anchor rules.

AnchorLayout does not have any direct config options (other than inherited ones). However, the container using the AnchorLayout can supply an anchoring-specific config property of anchorSize. By default, AnchorLayout will calculate anchor measurements based on the size of the container itself. However, if anchorSize is specifed, the layout will use it as a virtual container for the purposes of calculating anchor measurements based on it instead, allowing the container to be sized independently of the anchoring logic if necessary.

The items added to an AnchorLayout can also supply an anchoring-specific config property of anchor which is a string containing two values: the horizontal anchor value and the vertical anchor value (for example, '100% 50%'). This value is what tells the layout how the item should be anchored to the container. The following types of anchor values are supported:

Anchor values can also be mixed as needed. For example, '-50 75%' would render the width offset from the container right edge by 50 pixels and 75% of the container's height.

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          Create a new AnchorLayout
AnchorLayout(int width, int height)
          Create a new AnchorLayout.
Method Summary
protected create( config)
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Constructor Detail


public AnchorLayout()
Create a new AnchorLayout


public AnchorLayout(int width,
                    int height)
Create a new AnchorLayout.

width - the width
height - the height
Method Detail


protected create( config)
create in class ContainerLayout


public getContainerAttributes()
getContainerAttributes in class ContainerLayout