Package com.gwtext.client.widgets.layout

Class Summary
AbsoluteLayout Inherits the anchoring of AnchorLayout and adds the ability for x/y positioning using the standard x and y component config options.
AccordionLayout This is a layout that contains multiple panels in an expandable accordion style such that only one panel can be open at any given time.
AnchorLayout This is a layout that enables anchoring of contained elements relative to the container's dimensions.
BorderLayout This is a multi-pane, application-oriented UI layout style that supports multiple nested panels, automatic split bars between regions and built-in expanding and collapsing of regions.
BorderLayoutData Additional layout data associated with a BorderLayout.
CardLayout This layout contains multiple panels, each fit to the container, where only a single panel can be visible at any given time.
ColumnLayout This is the layout style of choice for creating structural layouts in a multi-column format where the width of each column can be specified as a percentage or fixed width, but the height is allowed to vary based on the content.
ContainerLayout Every layout is composed of one or more Ext.Container elements internally, and ContainerLayout provides the basic foundation for all other layout classes in GWT-Ext.
FitLayout This is a base class for layouts that contain a single item that automatically expands to fill the layout's container.
FormLayoutData Supporting class for FormLayout.
HorizontalLayout Horizontal layout which allows you to lay out components horizontally in a row with the specified spacing between components.
RowLayout Layout that distributes heights of elements so they take 100% of the container height.
RowLayoutData Supporting class for RowLayout.
VerticalLayout Vertical layout that allows you to add components vertically with the specified spacing betwen them.