Class Summary
Adapter A base utility class that adapts a non-menu component so that it can be wrapped by a menu item and added to a menu.
BaseItem The base class for all items that render into menus.
CheckItem Adds a menu item that contains a checkbox by default, but can also be part of a radio group.
ColorItem A menu item that wraps the ColorPalette component.
ColorMenu A menu containing a ColorItem component (which provides a basic color picker).
DateItem A menu item that wraps the DatePicker component.
DateMenu A menu containing a DateItem component (which provides a date picker).
Item A base class for all menu items that require menu-related functionality (like sub-menus) and are not static display items.
Menu A menu object.
MenuItem MenuItem class.
MenuMgr Provides a common registry of all menu items on a page.
Separator Adds a separator bar to a menu, used to divide logical groups of menu items.
TextItem Adds a static text string to a menu, usually used as either a heading or group separator.