Package com.gwtext.client.widgets

Interface Summary
ComponentTraversalCallback Component traversal callback interface.
ContainerTraversalCallback Container traversal callback interface.
DefaultsHandler Interface that is used by Container.setDefaults(DefaultsHandler) .

Class Summary
BaseExtWidget Base abstract Widget class.
BoxComponent Base class for any visual Component that uses a box container.
Button Simple Button class.
ColorPalette Simple color palette class for choosing colors.
Component Base class for all Ext components.
ComponentFactory Component factory class.
ComponentMgr Component manager.
Container Base class for any BoxComponent that can contain other components.
CycleButton A specialized SplitButton that contains a menu of CheckItem elements.
DataView A mechanism for displaying data using custom layout templates and formatting.
DatePicker Simple date picker class.
Editor A base editor field that handles displaying/hiding on demand and has some built-in sizing and event handling logic.
HTMLPanel Convenience Panel subclass for HTML-only Components.
Layer An extended ExtElement object that supports a shadow and shim, constrain to viewport and automatic maintaining of shadow/shim positions.
LayerConfig Configuration class for a Layer.
LoadMask A simple utility class for generically masking elements while loading data.
MessageBox Utility class for generating different styles of message boxes.
MessageBoxConfig MessageBox configuration class.
PaddedPanel Helper class that wraps a Panel with shell panel adding the specified padding.
PagingToolbar A specialized toolbar that is bound to a Store and provides automatic paging controls.
Panel Panel is a container that has specific functionality and structural components that make it the perfect building block for application-oriented user interfaces.
PanelDragData An implementation of DragData that is passed to the drop target when the source is a Panel.
ProgressBar An updateable progress bar component.
QuickTips Provides attractive and customizable tooltips for any element.
QuickTipsConfig Configuration class for QuickTips.
Resizable Applies drag handles to an element to make it resizable.
ResizableConfig Configuration class for Resizable.
Shadow Simple class that can provide a shadow effect for any element.
SplitButton A split button that provides a built-in dropdown arrow that can fire an event separately from the default click event of the button.
TabPanel A lightweight tab container.
Tip This is the base class for QuickTips and Tooltip that provides the basic layout and positioning that all tip-based classes require.
Tool These are the tool buttons that can be added to a Panel by calling Panel.addTool(Tool)
Toolbar Basic Toolbar class.
ToolbarButton A button that renders into a toolbar.
ToolbarFill A simple element that adds a greedy (100% width) horizontal space to a toolbar.
ToolbarItem The base class that other classes should extend in order to get some basic common toolbar item functionality.
ToolbarMenuButton A menu button that renders into a toolbar.
ToolbarSeparator Toolbar separator class.
ToolbarSpacer Toolbar spacer class.
ToolbarTextItem A simple class that renders text directly into a toolbar.
ToolTip A standard tooltip implementation for providing additional information when hovering over a target element.
Viewport A specialized container representing the viewable application area (the browser viewport).
WaitConfig Wait configuration class.
WidgetComponent Adapter between GWT Widget's and Component's.
Window A specialized panel intended for use as an application window.
WindowGroup An object that represents a group of Window instances and provides z-order management and window activation behavior.
WindowMgr The default global window group that is available automatically.