Package com.gwtext.client.widgets.tree

Interface Summary
DropNodeCallback This callback inferface can be used to customize what happends when a tree node is dropped on another node.
NodeExpansionCallback Callback interface invoked on an expandable node.
NodeSelectionCallback Node selection callback.
TreeSortFunction The sort function interface when calling TreeSorterConfig.setSortType(TreeSortFunction).
TreeTraversalCallback Tree traversal callback interface.

Class Summary
AsyncTreeNode Provides the abilty to asynchronously lazy load a TreeNodes children.
DefaultSelectionModel Default Tree selection model.
MultiSelectionModel Selection model for multi selecting tree nodes.
TreeDragData An implementation of DragData that is passed to the drop target when the source is a TreeNode from a Draggable tree.
TreeDragZone A TreePanel drag zone.
TreeDropZone A TreePanel DropZone.
TreeDropZoneConfig A TreePanel DropZone configuration.
TreeEditor A support class that allows you to make the nodes of a TreePanel editable.
TreeFilter Supports filtering of TreePanel nodes.
TreeLoader A TreeLoader provides for lazy loading of an TreeNode's child nodes from a specified URL.
TreeNode TreeNode class.
TreeNodeUI This class provides the default UI implementation for TreeNodes.
TreePanel A Tree widget.
TreeSorter Helper class to enable tree node sorting functionality.
TreeSorterConfig Configuration class for TreeSorter.
XMLTreeLoader Provides the abilty to a TreePanel using remote XML data.This TreeLoader can be configured to load tree data from XML returned from a remote URL.