Class PagingMemoryProxy

  extended by com.gwtext.client.core.JsObject
      extended by
          extended by
              extended by

public class PagingMemoryProxy

A paging proxy that supports paging of local array data. Usage :


Object[][] data = new Object[][]{ new Object[]{"3m Co", new Double(71.72), new Double(0.02), new Double(0.03), "9/1 12:00am", "MMM"}, new Object[]{"Alcoa Inc", new Double(29.01), new Double(0.42), new Double(1.47), "9/1 12:00am", "AA"}};

MemoryProxy proxy = new PagingMemoryProxy(data); RecordDef recordDef = new RecordDef( new FieldDef[]{ new StringFieldDef("company"), new FloatFieldDef("price"), new FloatFieldDef("change"), new FloatFieldDef("pctChange"), new DateFieldDef("lastChanged", "n/j h:ia") } );

ArrayReader reader = new ArrayReader(recordDef); final Store store = new Store(proxy, reader); store.load();

... ComboBox cb = new ComboBox(new ComboBoxConfig() { { setMinChars(1); setFieldLabel("Company"); setStore(store); setDisplayField("company"); setTriggerAction("all"); setEmptyText("Enter company"); setLoadingText("Searching..."); setTypeAhead(true); setSelectOnFocus(true); setWidth(250); setPageSize(10); } });

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
PagingMemoryProxy(java.lang.Object[][] data)
          Construct a new paging memory proxy using the data passed.
Method Summary
protected create( data)
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Constructor Detail


public PagingMemoryProxy(java.lang.Object[][] data)
Construct a new paging memory proxy using the data passed.

data - the array data
Method Detail


protected create( data)
create in class