GWT-Ext License Information

The GWT-Ext software and sample code is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL), v 3.0.

The GWT-Ext LGPL license applies only to use of GWT-Ext with Ext versions 2.0.2 or lower. GWT-Ext does not support Ext version 2.1 or greater and use of GWT-Ext with Ext versions 2.1 or greater will void the GWT-Ext license.

Copyright (C) 2007-2008 GWT-Ext LLC. GWT-Ext is licensed under the LGPL v3.0 which is sufficiently flexible to allow use of GWT-Ext in both open source and commercial projects.

Using GWT-Ext (by importing GWT-Ext’s classes and interfaces in your Java code), and extending GWT-Ext (by subclassing or implementation of an extension interface) is considered by the authors of GWT-Ext to be dynamic linking. Hence our interpretation of the LGPL is that the use of the unmodified GWT-Ext source does not affect the license of your application code. Additionally the authors of GWT-Ext do not consider the output of compiling your application that uses GWT-Ext using JDK and / or the GWT compiler as derivative work of GWT-Ext.

The use of the unmodified GWT-Ext binary never affects the license of your application or distribution. If you need to modify GWT-Ext explicit permission is required.

This clarification has been added as there’s been some ambiguity on the use of GWT and LGPL libraries and I wanted to ensure that users feel comfortable using GWT-Ext without fearing that they may be violating the license.

Inquiries about commercial license options can be sent to

Source code for software included in this distribution is available from the GWT-Ext project ( or as otherwise indicated at the bottom of this page.


The GWT-Ext library relies on the following third party software. Below is the location and license information :

Package License Details
Google Web Toolkit Apache License v. 2.0
Ext 2.0.2 Ext is not bundled with GWT-Ext. Ext 2.0.2 has several licensing options available to fit a variety of needs. LGPL 3.0 is one of them. The license can be found in the Ext 2.0.2 distributable. Ext version 2.0.2 can be downloaded from here
Mapstraction BSD
PageBus BSD